Car2Go Campaign North America

The summer has been a fun and very busy one but one of the highlights for me was travelling to Austin,Texas to shoot the Car2Go Campaign with the lovely people at Enviromedia


Car2Go is a great, enviromentally friendly concept in car sharing and the service has members all over the world. The brief was to shoot naturally expressive studio portraits and video interviews of ten Car2Go members from all over the US and Canada, each with their own unique story to tell so all the characters we shot were real people with a genuine love of the product, a rarity in advertising campaigns I'd say. For the stills we didn't want all the subjects looking to camera so in order to capture real expressions I had my assistant move around while striking up dialogue with each of my subjects enabling me to capture moments in a natural way without the subjects being overly onscious of the camera.


The relaxed banter and warm atmosphere we created on set helped achieve the desired results and really allowed the subjects to be at ease. For the video interviews we had each Car2Go member tell their stories in a natural way straight to camera, which is difficult to do for a trained actor let alone non professionals on set for the first time. In order to make this possible we used a nifty gadget containing a 2 way mirror and it worked a treat, adding relaxed authenticity and a feeling of genuine warmth to the final pieces.

A selection of the final print ads are now on my commissions page and more of the members' stories can be seen on the Car2Go website.