App Recap


Well the App has been doing pretty well so far I must say. Having featured in the App Stores all over the world and with over 5000 downloads up to now, I'm pleased to report it has been a successful start to which looks to be a long and exciting journey. It's been really interesting to see how this iPad portfolio scene is progressing and the feedback has been tremendous.

Apple soon appeared to pick up on the emerging portfolio trend and have featured the App in "What's Hot" in the photography category in numerous stores which has been a great boost. But they didn't stop there... I nearly pissed my pants when I saw they had featured my portfolio on the "Apps for Art Lovers" page alongside Ansel Adams, Monet and Van Gogh!

So basically I'm chuffed to bits with the App and can't wait to see what Teleportfolio come up with next... I'm sure whatever it is, I'll be putting my order in!