Morgan Silk App on the App Store!

Well it's taken a while but I am proud to announce the Morgan Silk App is now available on the Apple App Store!

The app, in essence, is a self contained portfolio that can be easily installed onto any iOS device. This means anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can have their own copy of the portfolio with them wherever they are and one of the best things is I can update the content whenever I want. I recently field tested the beta version of the app while working in the US, presenting my work solely on the iPad to top creatives and art buyers in some of the largest agencies in NY. The response was fantastic and so I'm really excited that finally this is now available on the App Store for free download.

The engine that powers the app is a brilliant new product called TELEPORTFOLIO.

Simon and Jay, brothers and the developers of Teleportfolio, have done an amazing job, working their tails off to make this happen and I salute them. They have spent months designing, shaping and refining the app's interface and code to the level where we all felt it was right for release. It's simple, fast, fluid and I think it looks great.

They have not only given me an exciting new platform on which to share my work but have made me think differently about the presentation of my images. I can't thank them enough for their skill and passion for their products and I'm positive that they will make a huge impact on the future of portfolios forever.