Mad Dogs Campaign for Sky

Spotted the 48 sheet poster in town yesterday, printed on some kind of huge inkjet canvas at full res so I'm pleased with how it looks at street level, up close.

Even on London Buses. It's everywhere!

It seems like an age since the Mad Dogs shoot but series 2 only just starts tomorrow on Sky HD. It was a lot of fun once we eventually got to Mallorca, shooting alongside the tv promo crew and their director, David Edwards. We had it all... 40 degree heat, no shade, a handful of fake Euros, a bunch of British actors and a goat... what more could we have asked for?

Jim Chambers and Chris Ringsell from Sky Creative provided the musical entertainment and art direction while the goat kept a watchful eye on the budget. Thanks to all on set including the fab crew from Palma Pictures and the pyro team for blowing up an old caravan full of dynamite and kerosene which was most entertaining. Also a nod to Tony Swinney at Mustard Post for his patience, retouching skills and a trusty Mac Pro which nearly died a few times while chugging through the monsterous 30 Gb file. Don't ask why it was that huge, but it was and we're damned proud of it.