I've just finished working on a series of images I shot recently while on location in Croatia.

I stumbled upon a very interesting place called Kupari, set in a beautiful strip of coastline a few miles East of Dubrovnik. The once lively and (popular with high ranking military) state-owned resort complex is now, almost twenty years on, a stripped-out and abandoned concrete seaside ghost town.

The former hotels on the seafront exhibit masses of bullet holes, shrapnel wounds and gaping holes after heavy bombardment during the "balkanization" of the region in the early 1990's. The interiors are burned out and virtually demolished.

Tourists and holidaymakers flock to this part of the world where it seems there is a strong will to carry on regardelss and put things to the backs of their minds, sunbathing on the beach, facing out to the delightful Adriatic with the ruins dominating behind. At night, hedonists are drawn on mass to the outdoor all-nighters which are held on the beach in the Summer months.

It's a weirdly stark and eerie place by any standards in the daytime and the whole holiday vibe makes it even more strange. But while it still stands, Kupari remains a curious place and pertinent reminder of an horrendous war which ripped the country apart.

Check out the rest of the series on my folio site, morgansilk.co.uk.