Car2Go Campaign North America

Car2Go Campaign North America

Car2Go is a great, enviromentally friendly concept in car sharing and the service has members all over the world. The brief was to shoot naturally expressive studio portraits and video interviews of ten Car2Go members from all over the US and Canada, each with their own unique story to tell so all the characters we shot were real people with a genuine love of the product, a rarity in advertising campaigns I'd say.

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Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers

Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers

The Horn Dancers were top of my list of subjects to shoot for my British Folklore project and after months of planning we finally arrived in the village and took residence in the back room of the local pub which became our pop up studio for the day.

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Jack in the Green, Hastings

A new portrait series added to my folio site from my latest project exploring the wonderful world of British Folklore. I shot over 100 separate portraits in one very special day in Hastings, which was pretty exhausting but I'm pleased with the results. A huge thanks to all who took part and hopefully we can do it again next year.

Gab a tankard of mead and enjoy the spectacle that is Jack in the Green!







I've just finished working on a series of images I shot recently while on location in Croatia.

I stumbled upon a very interesting place called Kupari, set in a beautiful strip of coastline a few miles East of Dubrovnik. The once lively and (popular with high ranking military) state-owned resort complex is now, almost twenty years on, a stripped-out and abandoned concrete seaside ghost town.

The former hotels on the seafront exhibit masses of bullet holes, shrapnel wounds and gaping holes after heavy bombardment during the "balkanization" of the region in the early 1990's. The interiors are burned out and virtually demolished.

Tourists and holidaymakers flock to this part of the world where it seems there is a strong will to carry on regardelss and put things to the backs of their minds, sunbathing on the beach, facing out to the delightful Adriatic with the ruins dominating behind. At night, hedonists are drawn on mass to the outdoor all-nighters which are held on the beach in the Summer months.

It's a weirdly stark and eerie place by any standards in the daytime and the whole holiday vibe makes it even more strange. But while it still stands, Kupari remains a curious place and pertinent reminder of an horrendous war which ripped the country apart.

Check out the rest of the series on my folio site,

Toxic Skies over London

Here are some images of chemtrails that I recently shot from my roof terrace.

I guess they won't mean very much at all to most people... but the question is, what in the world are they spraying?

For an eye opening insight, check out this full length documentary film by Michael Murphy which explores crucially important, yet often denied (or ignored) facts and information about our weather and those out to own it.


Mad Dogs Campaign for Sky

Spotted the 48 sheet poster in town yesterday, printed on some kind of huge inkjet canvas at full res so I'm pleased with how it looks at street level, up close.

Even on London Buses. It's everywhere!

It seems like an age since the Mad Dogs shoot but series 2 only just starts tomorrow on Sky HD. It was a lot of fun once we eventually got to Mallorca, shooting alongside the tv promo crew and their director, David Edwards. We had it all... 40 degree heat, no shade, a handful of fake Euros, a bunch of British actors and a goat... what more could we have asked for?

Jim Chambers and Chris Ringsell from Sky Creative provided the musical entertainment and art direction while the goat kept a watchful eye on the budget. Thanks to all on set including the fab crew from Palma Pictures and the pyro team for blowing up an old caravan full of dynamite and kerosene which was most entertaining. Also a nod to Tony Swinney at Mustard Post for his patience, retouching skills and a trusty Mac Pro which nearly died a few times while chugging through the monsterous 30 Gb file. Don't ask why it was that huge, but it was and we're damned proud of it.

App Recap


Well the App has been doing pretty well so far I must say. Having featured in the App Stores all over the world and with over 5000 downloads up to now, I'm pleased to report it has been a successful start to which looks to be a long and exciting journey. It's been really interesting to see how this iPad portfolio scene is progressing and the feedback has been tremendous.

Apple soon appeared to pick up on the emerging portfolio trend and have featured the App in "What's Hot" in the photography category in numerous stores which has been a great boost. But they didn't stop there... I nearly pissed my pants when I saw they had featured my portfolio on the "Apps for Art Lovers" page alongside Ansel Adams, Monet and Van Gogh!

So basically I'm chuffed to bits with the App and can't wait to see what Teleportfolio come up with next... I'm sure whatever it is, I'll be putting my order in!


Wired Feature

Had a great time shooting this feature about Martin Varsavsky, the telecoms entrepreneur for Wired Magazine's September Issue. He turned out to be a great bloke and he and his wife, Nina made us very welcome at their uber cool home just outside of Madrid. The house was a fantastic location with hardly a right-angle to be seen anywhere and stunning views from the huge decked roof. I now know what it is to have house envy!

Woolite Shoot for EURO RSG NY


This was a fun one to do... I travelled half way accross the world to beautiful Vancouver to shoot a studio still life. Crazy how jobs go sometimes. Vancouver is a fantastic place so I hung out for a few days and managed to retouch the campaign poster in my hotel room when the weather got patchy.

The tv commercial for the campaign is a bit of fun too and was directed by none other than the infamous Rob Zombie. Check it out here.

Thanks to art director Francois Crabalona at Euro RSG New York and producer Alex Bowell of Circle Productions.

Morgan Silk App on the App Store!

Well it's taken a while but I am proud to announce the Morgan Silk App is now available on the Apple App Store!

The app, in essence, is a self contained portfolio that can be easily installed onto any iOS device. This means anyone with an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch can have their own copy of the portfolio with them wherever they are and one of the best things is I can update the content whenever I want. I recently field tested the beta version of the app while working in the US, presenting my work solely on the iPad to top creatives and art buyers in some of the largest agencies in NY. The response was fantastic and so I'm really excited that finally this is now available on the App Store for free download.

The engine that powers the app is a brilliant new product called TELEPORTFOLIO.

Simon and Jay, brothers and the developers of Teleportfolio, have done an amazing job, working their tails off to make this happen and I salute them. They have spent months designing, shaping and refining the app's interface and code to the level where we all felt it was right for release. It's simple, fast, fluid and I think it looks great.

They have not only given me an exciting new platform on which to share my work but have made me think differently about the presentation of my images. I can't thank them enough for their skill and passion for their products and I'm positive that they will make a huge impact on the future of portfolios forever.



Sympathy For The Devil... Nice.

One of my images from last year's Random House shoot has made it's way onto the cover of Sympathy For The Devil, the first in a series of crime fiction novels by the legendary Howard Marks aka Mr. Nice. Should be launched very soon... hopefully he'll sign a copy for me.